How to change 5 Column limit of table in ERPNext

The default limit for column is 5 in erpnext. how can i increase it.
Did Editable Grid option But after that this happens:-

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  • Go to Customize form of child table
  • Open field you will get print width,columns,width options
  • Adjusting number of columns for field you will be able to increase number of columns in list view
    Total number of columns should be less than 11

Is there anyway we can increase maximum columns of 11 to more somehow? I could use a hack :slight_smile:

A key thing to know as you are doing this (which took me a while to figure out) is that the “0” value you will see in the “Columns” value for many fields actually stands for “use a default number of columns for this field,” and that default is 2 for most field types (there are a few exceptions, e.g. it is 1 for checkbox fields). So the 0s you see really mostly mean “2”, which is why you can increase the number of visible columns by changing some or all of them to 1. As Namrata stated, the grid won’t add any field that would bring the total columns over 11, and it will stop trying to add fields when it reaches this limit.


Thanks for this @gwhitney. This is is an important piece of information.

Thank you. Have bewn fighting this for years now. Could never get it right.

My doctype is not showing is the list ( form type )