How to change a wrongly Created Fiscal Year

When i setup ERPNext I entend to use the Project and CRM modules but then the requirment grew and now I am planning to use the accounting module too. The problem is I have created the fiscal year wrongly and I have noticed there are alot of Accounting entries created without me understanding. Now i can’t edit both the fiscal year as well as the entries. What is the best approach to handle this issue?


Try to change system start date with using db

@Vijitha_Rajapaksha, thanks for the tip, i’ve tried to do so but I don’t know what will happen to the existing entries. Maybe if there’s a way to migrate all the accounting and stock entries accordingly it would be great.
Also is it possible to make that update from the server script?

Yes you can do it using query update

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Interesting. Can you give me some direction or example on how to do query update for this case?

Try to disable the fiscal year from the company setting and create a new year

UPDATE DBNAME.tabfiscal year SET year_end_date=‘2024-03-31’ WHERE name=‘2023-2024’;

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I’ve tried to do so but since i already have entries that used the existing two fiscal years i couldn’t disable or change.

Awesome. But how do i mange the existing entries that already reference the fiscal year. Becase I think when i change the start/end date of the fiscal year, It may affect records and reports. It may also create a confusion at which fiscal year the entries are made.
I didn’t try it yet gene that’s my guess. What do you think?

I did not try this with the entries, but we use this before posting the entries. As far as I know, this will not affect the entries because they have already been posted based on some financial year, meaning they are already recorded under a certain date. If you have any doubts, you can try installing it on the backup file