How to change button color in frappe.ui.Dialog

I just want to change color of primary action button

let d = new frappe.ui.Dialog({
title: 'Enter details',
fields: [
        label: 'First Name',
        fieldname: 'first_name',
        fieldtype: 'Data'
        label: 'Last Name',
        fieldname: 'last_name',
        fieldtype: 'Data'
        label: 'Age',
        fieldname: 'age',
        fieldtype: 'Int'
primary_action_label: 'ACCEPT',
primary_action(values) {

How to change ACCEPT Button color to Green?

You can add something like this before


This will add btn-secondary class to all buttons in dialog. You can tweak it to change primary button color. Also you can use any css class of your choice.

Thank you, i will check this