How to change Configure button?

Hi everyone,

How could i change “Configure” button in frontend website?
Ex: Buy or Select

Thank you.



I have been tried “Custom Translation”, and it’s worked with me.

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Dear @bzero,

You can go to this file:

And from there you can change the label for what you need :slight_smile:

If these answers help you, you can make it as “Solution” :wink:

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Perfect. Thanks @ERP_Implementer1 :slight_smile:
My case, the right location are
/apps/erpnext/erpnext/templates/generators/item/item_configure.js (for text “Continue Configuration”

My answer was for “Contact Us”, but it good to know about “Configure”

Got it.
Thanks again @ERP_Implementer1

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By the way, i don’t see button for “solve” or “solution” in this thread.