How to change Customer name?


i want to write same name in both field. but when i copy New Customer Name to New Name i will not saving the name.

i tried bench clear-cache also but not working

thank You

Anyone have solution for this

please help
Thank You

Hi @nilpatel42:

Any errors?
Did you see this kind of message on renaming?

Also, have you double-checked that there’s not another record with a duplicate name out there? We’ve run into the issue where sometimes we don’t get an error message for duplicates like we would expect.

Yes @avc
exact like your SS

Thank You

I checked for duplicate, there no copy record found, i check for 4 records

Thank You

thanks @avc
i got solution
i have issue from i uninstalled the eCommerce integration app, after installing it, issue is been solved
thank you

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