How to change days while processing payroll?

Hi Folks , Here I have concern related to number of working days while calcualting salary .In our company we follow a standard 30 days through out the year but in ERP in caries based on the actual month which leads to the variance in counting . Any possible suggestion for this ?

I don’t think that is available out of the box at the moment. In the latest release you can set your own dates though (I think)

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Yes, it calculates based on actual month days if payroll frequency is Monthly. Never heard of 30 days payroll frequency, can you provide more details and how common it is? If it is generic enough we can try to put it in core product.

Hi Kanchan,

Generally we follow the process of 30 days salary days just to make sure that all employees per day salary remains the same and does not vary with the Month. So if there is any LOP then the employee itself will get to know the amount he is gonna loose.

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Actually there is a case where salary process for 30days : salaries works overseas (captains) they work 30days and stays 15days after

@KanchanChauhan @rmehta Hello , Any update on this ?

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Any update??

and it’s added?

any update on this ? how to overcome this issue, I am facing similar issue, the absent (LWP) amount is divided on 30 days in our environment whether that month has 31 days or less