How to change default font style in the SYSTEM?

For example, if I switch to a language for instance Bangla I want the system to show a specific(user-selected) font style all over the system rather than the default Bangla font style. Would anyone like to please help me?

@SanaullaHaq I did this once by creating a new doctype called font . has some variables such as css code to include the font . than I customized the user page and added a font field so user can select a font from the list . than I edited the & app.html in the www folder to get the font selected by the user and add the style to the html page using jinja . and voila . custom font style .


Thank you for the quick reply, let me lookup to the your solution

I want a fixed custom font style for example 'Times New Roman', I don’t need to change it. would you like to please guide me on it step by step?

Frappe Framework: v14.9.0 (version-14)
OS: Ubuntu 22.04LTS

@SanaullaHaq go to your app folder : app_name/app_name/public/css . and add example.css .

    body{font-family:'Times New Roman' !important; }

then open your hooks file .
and add

app_include_css = "/assets/app_name/css/example.css"

or insert teh style directly to the app.html file . in the www folder


thank you very much

please, i want step by step