How to change display of products

Hello friends,

I know now how to ad a text to a product webpage, generated from Item Group tree but there is a way of change the way products are displayed automatically as rendered from Item Group tree? The image display only a portion of my product. I would like to put another image detail instead or a name and short description.

But better I would like to use the right bar navegation to display the list of products (After last Group Tree: leave node) but I could not do it following your directives about Item Group tree. Just if I do it manually, creating webpages for each product but then I’m not using ERPNext capabilities…(Your ERPNext page shows it very nicely…!) Do I need js for it?

You can look what I’m trying to do at: (under construction!) This is all done manualy, creating webpages with parent web page. Is this the only way?
I do appreciate a lot your system. Thank you for your valuable help!

@camilopianos creating web pages with parent page name is the right way to go! Product pages are very constrained.

All right. Thank you!