How to change doctype setting

Good morning all,

I have installed Bench, Frappe, Erpnext with --setup-production.

I’d like to change some settings in the doctype “Purchase Receipt”. I would like the field “Remarks” of that doctype to be printable. I am not able to un-click the field “Print Hide”.
Actually I am not able to change anything in that doctype.
I am logged in as administrator.

Any idea on how I can tune settings of doctype?



setup developer mode in site_config.json,

 "db_name": "db_name", 
 "db_password": "db_password",
 "developer_mode": 1

Thanks @saurabh6790. Do I have to restart or do any command with bench after that?

Also how do I put it back into production-mode once I have made the necessary changes?



If you have started setup with bench start then just reload form from browser, if not so then reload supervisor.

Just remove developer mode from site_config.

Thanks @saurabh6790,
How do I reload supervisor?

I just did a bench update, and it did the trick!

@Francois_Ifitwala bad idea to edit DocTypes because these settings will be overridden when you update next.

Use Customize Form

Using Property Setter would be a better option to make certain changes to the doctype.

Be careful when using this technique though.

but customize form do not allow to rearrange standard fields, any option for that rqt?