How to change layout of portal page

How to change layout of portal page

I too have the same question. I want if a Customer login to my site and navigate to My Account (Portal Page), he should see ‘Orders & Invoices’ on side bar. Right Now by default, it shows some sidebar that do not have any option to see orders & invoices. Can somebody guide me to achieve the functionality


If you’re referring to this sidebar:

Try Portal Settings:

Thanks @kennethsequeira. that helped and I am able to see Sidebar Navigation. I need to show a custom sidebar on the portal.

I am unable to disable items on Standard Sidebar and hence trying to implement Custom Sidebar. Can someone help to sort this issue.

Thanks in Advance

Layout means changing theme,is it possible,

How to add menu like Group1,Group 2 menu in top


Have you tried website theme to achieve this? Website Theme

Check Website Settings:

Thank you ,i will try this