How to change module landing page using custom app


In erpnext, there are module landing page with links ex.
i.e. erpnext/config/

I am looking for ways to customize links in (or for that case any /config/<>)
It has to be done using custom app.
Question is are there any events in to achieve this. Thanks!!!

In the meantime maybe you can do it manually, as discussed here: Customizing ERPNext user interface - #14 by rahy

At present, solution is to put required links in custom app config
i.e. apps/your_app_name/your_app_name/config/ inside that you may put links of any module

from frappe import _

def get_data():
	return [
			"label": _("Anything"),
			"items": [
					"type": "page",
					"na": "yourpagename",
					"type": "doctype",
					"name": "Role",
					"type": "doctype",
					"name": "Sales Invoice",
					"description": _("Bills raised to Customers.")

I didn’t see this file in the location.


Now only have and, do I need to create it manually ?

yes needs to be created manually

I have a custom page name page_a , can have example code to showing the LINK to this page at custom app name app_a and doctype_a ?

Your question is not clear to me. If your are looking for example code it is already there link

Creating a same-name py for a module will add items in the frappe/erpnext config, not replace.
How to replace all content of a module config file?