How to change name attribute of field

I want to change name attribute of doctype, which is disabled to edit. Is there any way i can change this?

Are talking about changing the custom field name?

Yes. Some how my earlier custom fields are deleted. Now when i add same fields again its taking some random name and my code has different name. So i wanted to edit name attribute with same old value.

Hi @Rashmi_Jm,

Please check it.

Thank you very much. When i try to rename it getting index out of range error in Rename Fieldname. What could be the reason?

Which version? Please refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R) the page and check it.

Version 14. I tried reloading page but still same issue

@S_L, Please create an issue with the new thread.


We tried with latest version, no issue.

@S_L ,

No idea about that and with such a vast community, if anyone is familiar with the topic and can offer a solution, they will respond.

Ok, I will create a new one.

Hello @NCP .
I have created a new topic.

Hi @NCP , when can you reply here?