How to change naming series with recurring invoices?

We have started to change the naming series of invoices each year like INV-22-XXXX. However, when recurring invoices are automatically generated, the new invoice still has the generic invoice number INV-XXXX. In the order of naming series for invoices, INV-22-XXXX is first. Which rule applies for recurring docs? Shouldn’t that draw the top item in the naming series?

We changed to SINV-.YY.-

We had tested on test system with INV-.YY.-.MM.-.DD.- and voila, from INV-22-04-25-00001 a new INV-22-04-26-00001 was auto generated at midnight.

So we can say it works to auto generate new invoices based on the actual YY year (and not with a year in the invoice number when invoice was issued first time).