How to change or rename ITEM CODE?

I want to change itom code but not the itom name .but whenever i am changing itom code its directly updating itom name also.that thing i dont want .how to create new ITOM CODE without changing itom name
Thank You.

Hi Nikhil

Go to STOCK > ITEM > Open the item you want to replace > Then click the ITEM NAME in the Top left corner and rename it.

You can use Rename Tool for that purpose.Download template and upload the csv with old name and new name.

Deep T

I ran into the same problem with ERPNext v7.2.14. Same as OP, I can just find the way to rename item NAME, not item CODE. Is it even possible to rename it?

Hi @hulloanson! Have you tried the rename functionality? It will rename your Item Name all throughout the document/transaction it has been used to avoid Table Relationship errors.