How to change print format size with the barcode sticker size?

How can we change the print format size with the barcode sticker size?
Can anyone help with this issue?

Hi @sheerazkaleem,

If you use custom print format then Please check the syntax.

    .barcode-field {
      width: 200px;
      height: 100px;
  <div class="barcode-field">
    {{doc.your_barcode_field}} <!-- Replace this with the appropriate barcode field tag used -->

Adjust the width and height to match your barcode sticker size.

Thank You!

when clicking on “Full Page” shown below


when click on print then shown below

I want to generate the PDF like in the below image.
All barcode stickers in separate PDF pages and then the invoice or order form of these items.
I created the barcode stickers but the issue is to create multiple PDF pages with the sticker’s size.

Even a single sticker is showing on the whole page of the PDF.
The sticker size is 45mm x 36mm so the PDF page size should be the same as the sticker size.