How to change report type in erpnext chart of accounts

hi. I want to change the report type on a group of accounts in the chart of accounts. please help

Hi @Daniel_Sitoe

Report type is not editable and it’s depends on parent account you have selected

yes that’s right. but in my case the parent account also has configuration with inappropriate report type. is there way I can change it? i want to change from profit and loss to balance sheet

@Daniel_Sitoe Do you have any transaction against those A/C ?

yes i do


I am not sure how it will impact to system but you can give it a try.

open console

cur_frm.set_value(‘report_type’,‘Balance Sheet’)

Can you try to change the parent account? Select any parent account from balance sheet and check whether it works?

iam new in ERPNext, I couldn’t run the command, I couldn’t even open the console I’m using v12 can you explain how?

ctrl + shift + i

and you can see console where you need to write commands and enter

@Hardik_Gadesha the script is not runnig ‘Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token’