How to change Sales Series

Hi, We are already using some other sw for Sales Invoices. And now want to shift to ERPNext.

This month we already have generated few invoices. But we observed that in Sales the Voucher Numbering is SINV-22-1 and so on.

We want to keep is simple as 1,2,3 for every year. How to change it?

We tries to change from Series but its not updating there.

If you will not add the Year “YY” there, than you can’t achieve the same as the Invoice number is one unique field and can’t again be started from 1. So, it will be like: 22-1, 23-1, 23-1 and so on.

If you want your invoice number to be 1, 2, 3, 4 an so on every year starting from the begining, you can simply add a cuastom field named: "invoice number: and then write a custom script for the increament and reset at the year end. Then you just need to create a print format and replace the “” to “doc.invoice_number”.

Hope this will help.