How to change search field key item

similar to above post
I am trying to change search key item with “Search Item” box in “Sales Invoice Document” where current value is searched with item-code, i
changed value to item description, so that it will search with
description content. But its not working. Can you guide me on this
matter, if i am missing any point on it.


Searching with Item Description works by default. In the attached screenshot, I searched an item using keyword (multipurpose) from Item Description.

searching item with manufacturer_part_no is not working even after adding manufacturer_part_no in Item DocType search field. Any suggestions?


In the auto-suggested, search works on some pre-defined fields like Item Code, Name Name, Description etc. Sorry as search fields for the auto-suggest is not configurable for now. Would you mind creating Github Issue for this feature suggestion?


Any update on this?
This feature would make it a lot easier to enter sales orders. Every customer uses his code and the admin need to remember each customer code for each product.