How to change Tax Breakup to Item Code wise Tax Breakup?

Currently tax breakup is HSN Code wise.

How we can switch back Tax Breakup to Item Code wise tax breakup?

It will be easy for customer to identify tax per item as multiple item can have same HSN Code.

Tax Breakup has been designed to club all items having same hsn number.
For Customers to identity tax per item, they should look into the item table that will have HSN Code, and then see the tax percentile written for that HSN in tax table. Simple as that. As of now, no other switch back or any other functionality needed.

@kolate_sambhaji I had my own custom print format for sales invoice with old tax details format.
Can you help me with displaying HSN code wise tax breakup as it is in the current GST sales invoice format?

I am requiring the same thing. Did you get a solution apart from showing a separate tax breakup table?