How to change tax name from VAT to other name

Hello, I have ERPNext 13 and I did not find way to do the simple thing to change the name of the tax called VAT. In my country is it called, IVA.

I am in this screen:

What I need to change is actually the tax description. In this tax, the description is currently VAT, but it should be IVA. In previous version of ERPNext (version 12), there was a button at the top of this form to change account name, but this is not possible in version 13.

Any help, please?


@Jaime_Stuardo the button is still there . just click actions then update account name /number

@bahaou This is what’s inside that dropdown:


(“Convert to group”)

@Jaime_Stuardo then you probably don’t have permissions to edit accounts . check permissions in your profile

@Jaime_Stuardo try to open the console n run this command and try to edit the name :

@bahaou You are right! this was caused due to permissions. I connected as administrator and could make the change.

It is strange that both, Administrator and my own account, are “System User” and I compare permissions and they are the same. Do you know what specifically controls that kind of actions?