How to change the add to cart permissions to apply it on ghost users

I have erpnext system and I’m working on CRM and websites for marketing I have already added products to the website and configured the product options from filters and adding to the favorites …etc.
I need to make it add to the cart but instead, I have found that the default of the system is to add to a quote instead of the cart and required an existing user.

how to achieve this issue

thanks in advance

Hello, You have to enable Order in E Commerce Settings and enable a payment gateway account. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have tried this option but it’s still not working when I have a ghost user and add to the cart it redirects me to the login form.

You have to create an account to be paid by Stripe or Paypal.

I’m working on ghost users who have no account in the system yet and they need a products quote from the system

How to accomplish it

On the E Commerce Settings page at the bottom of the page is the option.

Ok, can you give an example of how to use it, please?

I was thinking it was for redirecting the ghost user to the login form as example

I have make it redirect to the cart but still not adding to it yet

I got it, you have to register and you do it as a website user, you only see your orders and quotes.

Ok are there is any way to make ghost user can add to the cart and make a quote request without login?

The only viable option would be for the guest to give permission to the website y e commerce modules.

I don’t understand how!

Can you give me info