How to change the color of statuses in ERPNext?

I would love to have custom colors for the statuses.

I have done some research. I could not understand the answers in these threads:

You mean this smoking gun is no help :wink: Changing indicator color for CRM/Lead custom status - #2 by clarkej

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Color can be changed in *_list.js of the doctype

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you have to create a new js with the name mydoctype_list.js and add this

frappe.listview_settings['Sales Order'] = {
if (doc.status === "Closed") {
			return [__("Closed"), "green", "status,=,Closed"];
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@hereabdulla @schilgod @clarkej Thanks for the replies. I figured that you have to be in the ERPNext backend to change this. Your answers validate this. In my opinion such an “eye candy” feature should be for web frontend noobs like me. Engaging with a developer to change some colors? Won’t do.


As of now you can change the colour from front end only for ‘Workflow State’ and not for fields.


That’s it! Thanks a lot. #resolved

I am trying to do this from the backend but not managing, any ideas?