How to change the document status with the title field

I created my custom doctype, I added a field with name Status/Select/status options (‘Requested’, ‘Approved’, ‘Cancelled’). But with the title the status are displayed (‘Draft’, ‘Cancelled’, ‘Submitted’) instead of (‘Requested’, ‘Approved’, ‘Cancelled’). I attached the attachement. Please help me to resolve that problem. Thank You!

@fahad-bt you have to add custom_doctype_list.js file in the same folder your doctype is , or create a client script type apply to list . and write the following code :

frappe.listview_settings['Custom Doctype'] = {
get_indicator(doc) {
        // customize indicator color
        if (doc.status=="Approved") {
            return [__("Approved"), "green", "status,=,Approved"];
        } else {
            return [__("else"), "darkgrey", "status,=,else"];

continue with the else for other status.
for more information visit List Js

@bahaou It’s work for me. Thank you!

@fahad-bt select the comment as solutions please .