How to change the ERPNext-15 theme?

How to change the Black color theme in ERPNext-15. I want to change it like ERPNext-14.

Please suggest some Idea

The logo can be changed over the UI (navbar and website settings).

For the color matching, you’ll need a custom app to overwrite the css…

That’s fine. I can do but I want to use the existing. but i want to use the version-14 theme. which CSS file have to use to customize.

I just use it to make some small css edit, don’t know how to use the old version-14 theme.

Basically I just created a custom app with a single css file, which is overwriting some stuff I found over the developer tools of my browser.

Yeah. understood but I want to change the entier theme

@Antony_Praveenkumar write a css file and include it in hooks :

.btn-primary {
background-color:blue !important;

or any other color


Can you please tell me which CSS should I override?

I think this one