How to Change the 'Quanity'?

I want to change the ‘Quanity’ in the Table under Update Stock of a Sales Invoice form to some other name. I am not seeing any help topics to support that.

Can any of the @admins help out?

@umair @creamdory : Please help if you have the info.

This is a child table called Sales Invoice Item
You can Edit its content and update fields name from doctype

I did check that @OmarJaber, but I am not able to change the name of ‘Quantity’ to some other name.

Please check this topic

Not sure how to access the Json file mentioned in the link to make the changes. Can you help @OmarJaber?

We have not hosted it in any machine. Our account is a cloud based one.

bench set-config developer_mode 1

If you don’t have access to bench you can ask this from Hosted

I am not a developer actually, is there any folder in our Cloud version of ERPnext where we can find this folder? I can get help from some technical guys to make the correction if we are able to find that folder. Can you help on that if possible?

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Hey @Neoito , Go to Customize Form, search for Sales Invoice Item and change the label for Quantity Field to something else. See screenshot below: