How to change the salary in the mid of the month

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We are in need to change the salary in mid of the month, say from the 16th of July.

Now the payroll and the salary slip should be like that, salary for the first 15 days according to the old salary assignment and for the second 15 days, it should be according to the new salary assignment.

For example, an employee has a salary of 100 rupees for first the 15 days, and 200 rupees for the next 15 days, then the total salary should be calculated as rupees 150.

Please suggest.

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Also, if we need to add increment for all employees like 10% increase in Base salary for all employees of specific department, how we can handle that?

hi, did you find a solution to mid month salary increment?

Still waiting for the ERP team to respond. @usmanalikhan

I don’t think the way the Salary Structure and Assignments are architected, you can do any of the things you guys have posted in this thread. In a lot of cases organizations let their systems dictate their processes rather than let their processes dictate their systems.

In this particular case, if you want ERPNext to be modified to suit your processes you have to wait or you have to sponsor the changes. So, it’s better for you to have an HR Process that says that Salaries will only be changed from the next Salary Period. You could perhaps pass on the 15 days salary as an additional Salary for the previous month.

For the 10% increment, you have to do a new Salary Structure Assignment and change the base by 10%. If you have hard coded all of these in the Salary Structure, your easiest (or at least - least hard) way is to download the existing Salary Structures in Excel increase by 10% and upload the Salary Structure and reassign the new Salary Structures to employees.

I know it’s not an elegant solution, and unless you are willing to do customizations or prevail upon somebody in the community to develop these enhancements, I don’t think you can do much else.

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I think you should be able to use the additional salary field to get what you need.