How to change to MYSQL database?

I have a Mysql database in the cloud but when I installing erpnext that used MariaDB in localhost.

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Rohan Jain

You will experience very bad performance if the DB is in the cloud. Rather just use that for backup copies of the DB, but let it run locally

But I want my development and database both on different server. So can you please help regarding this.

The warning of @trentmu is important. ERPNext and MySQL should either:

  1. Co-exist on the same machine.
  2. Or, share the same local area network (LAN).

Running ERPNext on your laptop/PC, with MySQL hosted in the cloud, is a bad idea.

But here is how you can use a different MariaDB/MySQL server:

  1. Edit file../frappe-bench/sites/common_site_config.json
  2. Find or add:
  • Key: db_host
  • Value: <some ip address>