How to change UOM text?

Title says it all… if I go to UOM settings, I can’t change the text itself. E.g. desk#Form/UOM/Litre I only see a page with a checkbox but no way to change “Litre” to “liter”.

Renaming for UOM is disabled for some reason, so you would just have to make a new UOM.

That’s strange… isn’t that a bug? What if you assigned a UOM already? Then I suppose you’d have to go over all your products, changing to the new UOM. That’s not feasible. It could easily be solved by allowing to edit the UOM string.

It’s actually worse than that, because if you’ve used your products in a transaction you can’t change the default UOM. I’m not sure what the reason was to not allow renaming. You could make a GitHub issue for this.

Ok I didn’t realize that was the case. Maybe @rmehta could mark this as a bug? Or isn’t it? I’m confused if this is expected behaviour or not. Imho it should be editable.