How to change valution type in items

I want to change valution type from moving average to FIFO,

i get this error message

Error for row (#132) “CHR-CRT-01” : As there are existing stock
transactions for this item, you can not change the values of ‘Has Serial
No’, ‘Has Batch No’, ‘Is Stock Item’ and ‘Valuation Method’


This is the validation message.

Please create new Item, and set preferred valuation method in it. You will also need to update opening stock for this item.

After creating new Item, you can also try and merge it with existing item, using rename functionality. With this, stock will also be updated for new item. Please try and let us know if it works for you.


I just tried this and it works. However, the old product is the one to be merged with the new product created with the moving average option. You don’t have to update the opening stock for the new item created.

Thank You Umair.