How to change website title

Hi I managed to get v12 installed but I accidentally typed the wrong “what does your business do” during the initial setup.

How can I change that? It shows up in big letters right at the top of the webpage. Also, how can I change the part that says " This is an example website auto-generated from ERPNext"?


Go to ( website -Home page -Tag Line). and change it :grinning:

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where do you find tag line in v13?

just search Homepage at awesome search bar and on this you can make all change on homepage that shows on your website.

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did thx! put a few words in every field I could find, still text is the default one.
i couldnt find any fields labeled tag line nor hero. screenshot pls :slight_smile:

search for “website settings” - you will find most of the fields you need to change over there. if you can share screenshot of which text you’re trying to change perhaps can guide.

Search Website in the search bar you will see “Open Website” , select it . It will open all the website settings where you can make all the changed concerning your website. Then please check on two setting : Homepage and Website Settings .Look for title from this two settings and that should work

heh, seems there was some sort of cache, I reloaded over and over but no change. today when I went to the landing page, my text where suddenly there.
any ways to explicitly empty the caches in erpnext itself when you do edits?