How to check how many users are logged into ERPNext instance?

Hi All,

What is best way to find out how many users are logged into my ERPNext instance?

I have looked at below options…

1.‘Activity’ log gives a good picture of updates but doesnt show exactly how may people are logged in.

2.“netstat -an | grep :443 | grep ESTABLISHED | wc -l” gives some information

3.Nginx has “HttpStubStatusModule” - should i enable this?

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open Chat page, It shows logged in users.

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This could be interesting if incorporated within the Erpnext updating process to give a warning incase of updating live system with a logged in users.

Nowadays with v12.x.x this solution doesn’t work anymore. What to use now?

I would also be interested in knowing how many users are currently logged in.

Anybody any ideas?

Command: uptime
Will show you how many users in