How to clear transactions and keep master data


I have been testing the ERPNext a while. During this period, I have entered all the data into the system, including customers, suppliers, etc. And I have also make quite a number of testing entries of sales order, purchase orders, etc. I am going to put the system into production soon.

Is there a way to clear just the transaction data like sales order, purchase orders, etc and keep all the master data like customer, suppliers, items, prices, etc? I would like to do this so that I don’t need to start from scratch again and re-enter all the master data.


For now, no silver bullet is available to clear all the transactions at
once. You should first Cancel Submitted transactions. Cancelled and Saved
transactions can be deleted at once from the list of records.

Or you should setup new ERPNext account for fresh database, and migrate
masters from this account to new account.

You can export all master data using Data Import Tool, setup a fresh install and import again. It would be the most hassle free thing for you.

Thanks. I will try it out.