How to clone a 'Role' including permissions?

tried to use >Role List > Role >Menu >Duplicate

which creates es a new Role but other then expected this new role does not contain the Permissions from the Role it is supposed to be a duplicate of but has no Permission whatsoever … So is there a way to duplicate a Role including it’s inherited permissions?

My usecase is to add a permission to Sales Manager but still keep the original role intact (because the majority of Sales Managers shall stay on the default permissions). So I want to make a new Role Sales Manager + which is a clone of Sales Manager plus one ore two additional permissions

EDIT: I figured out a workaround which might be a solution … just give the Eamployee both roles where the additional Sales Manager + Role only contains the additional permissions. The standard will com from the default Sales Manager.

Like that you could also create a Role for a certain person which contains all additional Permissions for that specific employee