How to club the supplier list

plz somebudy help me

Can you explain in little more detail what you are trying to do?


we are customizing this app for construction field - what i want exactly plz try to understand in constrution field for paint supplier means they linked with all paint supplier - for example asian , nerolac , nippon but they bring from any one supplier at the time of market price , so these paint supplier i want to clup or creat the hub in the name of "pain supplier "

Supplier is a party. It is an organization. Example: ABC Enterprises, National Hardware Stores, etc.
Supplier party can be manufacturer, dealer, wholesaler, retail shop, from where you purchase paints.

You can use Tags or (custom) fields to categorize Suppliers in Reports or during searching in database.
read more about supplier: Frappe Cloud

For achieving item + brand combination, Create Brands, and then create 3 different Items for paints and with different brands.
more: Frappe Cloud

Create 3 items,
PNT01 - Brand:Asian
PNT02 - Brand:Nerolac
PNT03 - Brand:Nippon

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