How to collect application fees

Some schools have a non-refundable application fee. How to collect that that since the Student Applicant has not yet become a Student and Fees seem to be tied to Student object?

How about doing it as a POS sale of a service item called “Student Application”

Just create it as a non-inventoried item and that should get you headed in the right direction. You can even issue a receipt for the sale.

Hope this helps.


Yes that will work I think.
I will create an invoice on the fly when a student applicant is created

Though I think it would be more consistent if it was possible to attache a Fee structure to a Student Admission doctype

Once you have the student in your system as a completed application, you can always go back to the notes section and add the invoice number as a reference in case you want to locate all the pieces of the puzzle later.

We do this for training classes in a private business that also has paid training programs for how to use their products.