How to combine Item and Item pricing import in a single CSV file

I have been using an accounting system which has all the item and buy sell price listed.
Its easy for me to export to use it in Erpnext.

But erp next import module has item and item price as separate import sheets which is a pain if I have to add all the codes for almost 880 products in the item price as well.

Is there anyway that I can have a single csv where I can fill up item details and buying and selling price.?

Hi @Jafar_Chembatty,

No there is no single csv where you can fill up item details and buying Price.
You need to first import all Products, then Item Price
if you directly import ‘Item Price’ csv then it will show error message.

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Thanks a lot.!!

This should be the flow.

  • Upload all the items first with the item code
  • Upload item price including buying and selling (2 entries for each item code)

** This means that To get items into the ErpNext system - I should get all the item separately and then item price separately so that it can work with ErpNext terminology of price rate (for different regions or locations).

Though its a bit of overkill for a small business like mine - it is a beautiful feature.

It might be a pain to get all the items and prices mapped into the csv first.
But after exploring erpNext - I am sure that the pain is worth…!! considering how great the system is.

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@Jafar_Chembatty: just a generic note on this issue, whenever you handle linked doctypes during the data import (in your case, these are Item and Price) , you should plan for step-by-step import. Linked data should go first (Items, in your case), and the data that links to it (Price entries, in your case) should follow in the next batch import step.

This is a general rule, and it is applicable to any doctype links. You may review Import Error while loading data from external files - #8 by gvyshnya where the similar case for Supplier Type and Supplier is discussed.