Import Error while loading data from external files

I want to load suppliers details from other file using import tool, i want external data to be fetched into supplier name and supplier type, but supplier type has datatype ‘link’, which gives error everytime i try to load data in those fields.
Please help me with a solution how to load external data in those mandatory fields, and what is link datatype?

@sunny_pushp: a little more details on your exact data import scenario / purpose would be helpful.Which DocType are you trying to populate with supplier details? (Customer? Supplier?)

On a general note, every field that is of link type expects a reference to a name of an existing object (DocType instance) in ERP Next. In your case, Supplier DocType with a specific name does not exist in the system as of the moment you do the import. This generates an error.

As a generic rule, You will have to make sure all of the reference objects exist in the system if you like to pass the links to them in your batch import. So you may want to import such data from a separate file first (or equally create them in the system manually - whatever works better in your case).

Im using Supplier.
The only problem is I’m not sure how link works, which data it accepts.
Can you show me some video how it is done?
I can insert data for supplier name but fails for supplier type, how to do it please show me.

How many supplier types do you have? Try entering them manually, and then trying the import with the same supplier types.

Import Log Import FailedError for row (#21) : {“message”: “Could not find Supplier Type: wholesale”, “indicator”: “red”}
Error for row (#22) : {“message”: “Could not find Supplier Type: retail”, “indicator”: “red”}
Error for row (#23) : {“message”: “Could not find Supplier Type: wholesale”, “indicator”: “red”}
Please correct the format of the file and import again.

This is the error i get, how to solve it, I entered manually the data.

@sunny_pushp: the error message you displayed indicates the system cannot find supplier types with the names you specified in your batch import file (“retail” and “wholesale”, in this case).

You have to make sure your batch import file spells those names exactly as you have it in your ERP Next (keep in mind it is case-sensitive).

Please review your supplier type list at https://[your_erp_next_host_url]/desk#List/Supplier%20Type to check what you have in your system before the import and then replace your current names (in the file) with what you have in the system.

On a general note, link fields contain names of objects that you would like to link imported objects (doctype instances) to.

  1. So it states that, it cant be created automatically from external files, it must be present in the ERPNext?
  2. I was importing data from my present (some) ERP to ERPNext, as i saw in manuals and videos i did the same way and it gives error. So if there are 100 supplier types, I have to create them manually in ERPNext?

@sunny_pushp: let me help to sort out a minor confusion here.

Your supplier types shall exist in your ERP Next system at the moment you are going to import your batch file with supplier data (where such types of suppliers are linked to). However, there are plenty of ways to put supplier type data into ERP Next:

  1. The First option is to simply input them manually (which is going to be tedious for you having hundreds of supplier types)
  2. The Second option is to import supplier type data into ERP Next via Data Import tool. For this to happen, you will have to prepare a separate batch import file for SupplierType DocType.

Please note that you must do supplier type import before you start doing your supplier import.

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Sounds like you will need some assistance, or training depending on what other data you will need to migrate. Its hard to do training on a forum like this.

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Is the setting ok for supplier type?