How to combine multiple variants as part of product set


I am manufacturer of jeans. For each jeans, multiple sizes (30, 32, 34,) are manufactured. The jeans is sold as bundle of all sizes (30, 32, 34) or just single size.

In ERPNext, I have created product jeans and size (30, 32, 34) as variants. Further to bundle then together, I create a product bundle with each size (30, 32, 34) as part of the bundle.

When billing I select product-bundle / individual variant based on whether customer is buying bundle or individual jeans variant.

In the sales-order / sales-invoice item table, the product-bundle qty is shown as 1 even though underneath, it has picked 3 variants (30, 32, 34) from the inventory. I wonder if there is a way to show the product with variant as sub-description in the product.

For example, the product item description in the invoice should look as

size: 30, 32, 34