How to configure AWS Read Replica in ERP NEXT v13

HI ,

We tried to configure AWS Read Replica for v13 for Read only purpose.
We follow below link

AWS not support master/slave

We got access denied error . @revant_one @ankush @iMoshi @brian_pond

there must be more than 1 endpoint.

1 primary endpoint and other secondary.

docs: Setup read operations from slave/secondary mysql system

yes we already set up AWS Read replica. We configure based on this document. but when we connect it show Access denied error.

AWS not support for master/slave @revant_one

Since AWS doesn’t support the traditional master/slave setup, you may need to explore alternative configurations. It could be helpful to reach out to the experts in the ERP NEXT community, like @revant_one or @brian_pond, for guidance on resolving the access denied issue.
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