How to Configure Buildings & Flats - Property Management & Ownership

Hi all,

First time post here,
I’m looking to start using erpnext for property management.
so the requirements are as follows:

  • Set up buildings

  • Under those buildings set up apartments(flats)

  • Assign tenant(s) to those flats & bill them every month.

  • create maintenance requests etc for the building OR for the flats

  • Invoices/expenses can reference building OR flat

  • Full reporting (integrated already) etc.

I have installed this -
don’t know how to use LOL

thank you!

I’ve used Quickbooks for Property MAnagement, and I think ERPNext can be configured similarly. Consider this:
Building = Customer Group
Flat = Customer
Tenant = Project

Issues can only be raised at the Customer level, so you may need a dummy Customer for each building to handle building-wide issues.

You can also copy the Doctypes into new Doctypes and give them meaningful names, remove superfluous fields, put some validation rules in place

PS I didn’t look at PropMS

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will look into this, thanks!