How to configure ERPNext URL with Static Ip

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I was able to install ERPNext successfully using OVA File , I have installed on VM with OS Ubuntu 18.04 , I am able to login with frappe user and was able to access ERPNext using http://localhost/ , I have also configured static ip for VM through networking and I am able to ping the static ip at OS command prompt (in UBUNTU) , Now I need assistance from experts here for step step by step configuration of ERPNext for static ip.

Kindly note , I have not yet setup bench and frappe framework as I will be doing it at a later date.

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As long as the VM is in bridged mode (not NAT mode), and you know the IP address for it (eg., any machine n the same LAN will be able to access it via that IP. (default port is 8000 if you set up production mode, or 8080 if you set it up in development mode)

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how could i expose it to “the internet”?

i’ve decided to book the hosting package after the trial, in order to save costs for computers and setup ect ;D


To expose your site to the internet …

  • Properly configure your firewall
  • Point your DNS to the public IP

Hope this helps