How to connect a Calendar entry to a Lead

Good evening from Bali,
As erpnext is developing more and more we are now strongly considering about using erpnext as our main system.

So so so, I have a question, is there any way to connect a calendar entry to a lead ? or vice versa ? the idea is of course that the lead for us turns into a confirmed booking and we need to have it in the calendar.

P.S: I am also searching for a long term developer who can assist with some customisations as well as maintenance of the system.

With respect and appreciation,

In the Lead form there is a section for follow up:

You can enter the date in the follow up section and save the same. This will create a Event in the Calendar (private type). You can make it public for everyone to see.

That is very good but it doesn’t seem to be complete for us.

In our case, we need to be able to set the start and end date for the calendar entry directly from the lead.

Likewise, it would be nice if we could have a trace of the lead directly inside the calendar entry.

Would it be possible to do this by purely customising the form ?