How to connect ERPNext VM to VS Code

I have installed erpnext by importing .ova file of production in virtual box and i can access erpnext at localhost://8080 in windows system

Now i want to connect erpnext vm files to vscode in windows because i want to use vscode to debug

how can i do that?

Hey, @abrarpv97
Steps to connect ERPNEXT Vm to VS Code

  1. Install the extension named Remote - SSH extension
  2. after ssh is installation is completed you will see new status bar ssh_image
  3. Click on the item that will bring up the Remote - SSH commands.
  4. Click on connect to host and enter your ssh command like ssh -p port_no username@hostname
  5. After entering the command you will see and click on connect. after_cmd
  6. after clicking on connecting it prompts you to enter the password of your system.password
  7. Afterward, go to explore to open the folder of the VM in vs code.
  8. Click on open folder which folder you want to open and work upon. folders
  9. After selecting the folder you file expoler will look like something like this.after_folder

Thank you @ROHAN_JAIN
ssh command is used as below
ssh -p 3022 frappe@localhost

Is this how you want to develop ERPNext

how to get ssh command

You may download and install either Openssh or git bash.
With openssh, you work with the dos command box, with git bash, the commands are linux based. (Assuming you are on windows)

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