How to connect oracle database with Insights

I have a remote database with my application in it with oracle database
i want to generate charts and dashboards from my existing data

How can i connect the oracle database with frappe insights

As i can check there is only 3 options to add data source in Frappe Insights.


yes thats why i am asking
i have database in oracle how can i connect it to my frappe insights

Brother as per my knowledge and references it is not possible.
Insights have many limitations. I tried earlier too but no luck.
I myself use Power-BI for reports.

oh thats sad
my company employees use looker studio for the dashboard and charts
but it cannot directly connect to my oracle database and perform dashboard creations thats why i wanted to switch to insights so that i can connect that wit my database and created dashboard and charts without needing write sql queries and any complex programming

Great will check the looker studio, and for the oracle issue it is not possible.
I suggest to try the power BI, you can use many sources of data to integrate with powerBI

Maybe you could create and use virtual doctypes for this.
They seem to constitute a relatively painless software development effort to connect to external data tables of all sorts, and it’s possible that Insights can then connect via these “bridging” doctype.
If this is practical for your use case and developer environment, I don’t know.