How to connect with ERPNext?

How can i configure with ERPNext?

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Aum Trivedi

like other provider. Remember if you are using Google cloud, it’s won’t allow you to do that.

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Any other alternatives ?

@aum Below settings are applicable for Personal users with an email address, []

  • In Email domain settings we need to use Email Server as “
  • In Email domain settings we need to use SMTP server as “

Organization users with a domain-based email address, [] need to used below settings

Server name(Incoming):
SMTP server name(Outgoing):

imap port–>993
smtp port–>465

This is the error I am facing “Error connecting IMAP/POP3 “”: b’* OK IMAP4 Server (Zoho Mail IMAP4rev1 Server version 1.0)'”

Please provide more details, It would be great if you can provide screenshot for email domain setup You did.

Use the ip.address of the domains.
We have had similar issues. After using ip address of the domains it would connect fine.

Just make sure multi authentication is not enabled.