How to Connect third Party application With ERP Next

Hi i am new to integration. Will any one help me to integrate third party mobile application to ERP Next.
Thanks In Advance.

It can be done through an API I would suggest you post a job if you don’t have coding knowledge. Else you can start by going through this link

Thanks for ur response sir.
Will u help for another query?
We are team i am working on erpnext and another team on Android.Now we need to update values on erpnext through android application. How we can go further.

Any update of information you do on app, website will directly get updated on the server. You don’t have to do anything more.

Are you referring to ERPNext Android app or a third party app. If it is the ERPNext app, refer to @Muzzy’s answer.

If this is a 3rd party android app which needs to push data into ERPNext, you will have to use REST API, link to which is posted above.

Thanks for the Reply.

It is third party application and application will act as UI only data will fetch from ERPNext.

I found Very good solution for that someone built for me on freelancer one his profile