How to consume the raw material after multiple Production completed with Incorrect Qty in BOM


I have around 5 productions of certain product where an item was supposed to be issued more than what was issued due to the incorrect quantity entered in the BOM. Now I want to know how can I consume those extra raw materials so the stock balance shows correct Qty.

Example: A BOM has an item with qty of 1 where as it should be 1.5. With Qty=1, I made around 5 productions and then realized that the qty showing in the stock is more due to the incorrect Qty used. A total of 1000 pieces of that item was used whereas 1500 pieces of that item should have been used. Now that the productions are done, how can I utilize those remaining 500 pieces so that the stock balance shows correct qty.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

create a stock entry, select Repack as stock entry type,

add raw material 500 pc and Finish goods 1 PC as issue material(input source warehouse), add Finish goods 1 PC as receive material (input target warehouse) like below. after click Save button, the valuation rate of the 3 line will be auto calculated to include the 500 PC raw material cost.

Thank you for the quick reply. This definitely helps. There is one more thing that I would want to ask: the repack stock entry has to happen before the delivery note was created for that order to make entries look correct, right?

yes .

Thank you!

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