How to Contribute to ERPNext on the Functional Side

Hello Community,

Guide me on how to contribute new ideas or features on the functional side of ERPNext, especially for an upcoming version.

Hi @Sahil.P,

It is the largest platform where you can create a topic, share ideas, and contribute to everyone.


Thank you for your response. I have prepared a document related to advanced manufacturing and production scheduling systems. I would like to communicate with the ERPNext team currently working on the production module development. I have some ideas that could significantly improve the production module in the next version of ERPNext. Could you please guide me on how to share these ideas with the development team?

You can raise the feature request in Github. otherwise, attend the ERPNext Q&A session and raise your query to the team.

I have no queries. I have prepared a document with detailed mapping in ERPNext and would like to connect with the development or functional team at ERPNext. Is there a way to facilitate this?

Any direct contact details?

Not possible! First, you need to establish a connection with the session and then request it for meeting with team.

Ok sure, Thank you for Guide.

I doubt if you would get quick response you have to be patient you maybe replied after 7 to 14 days that is if you replied