How to control profile user

how to control profile user iwant to remove some future like connection and more details for end user plz

Please log in with a regular user account. A regular user can’t access everything. It seems you are logged in as an administrator or system manager. A regular user can only read certain information and access some features, but not everything.

i want to restrict to access the setting in regular user , like hide Third Party Authentication and workspace and connection any ideaa

You can hide them using the client script.

Sample script:

frappe.ui.form.on('User', {
	refresh(frm) {
	    if (frm.session.user == "") {
    		frm.set_df_property('workspace_section', 'hidden', 1);
    		frm.set_df_property('third_party_authentication', 'hidden', 1);

Set your script according to the scenario.

@NCP sir,

Screenshot from 2024-05-23 10-40-54

I want to hide id(name) in list view, I tried these 2 ways, but still no use.

If you want to hide fields according to roles without using a script, I suggest applying field permissions. It’s the best way to control fields and sections.

its not working for a lot of user can u explain ? i want to hide some field to regular user and show other like change password any idea?

any idead ineed help plz

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