How to control the option for the standard filter in list view of any doctype

So, I want to use the cur_frm.fieldDict[‘fieldname’].get_query () function in list view file to filter the option in the standard filter tab. And is there any trigger event for change in the filter value in list view

Maybe I didn’t really understand the question but hope you realise that cur_frm is undefined in list view.

You can access the df objects of the standard filters in the list view by


Thanks for your response it’s helpful, but I want to know that can I apply the filters on that fields like I used to do in get_query function .

Yes, you can.

Sorry for my mistake in previous question but I actually want to know how can I set the get_query ? will you please show me with any code snippet??

df_object.get_query = function() {
	return {
		"filters": {
			"name": ["in","Customer,Supplier,Sales Partner"],
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Thankyou very much brother. It Works absolutely fine.

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